Sunny Gardens in Bamako Received World Architecture Award!

Bamako, Senegal

In Bamako, Senegal there is a lack of quality residenses. Therefore a big developer of Senegal wants to built new places for accomodation, retail, recreation in capital city Bamako. Medium size plots in the city’s most prestigious neighbourhood are looks very suitable for this usage.

Developers was concerned about the quality of the end product. All construction materials and qualified work force has to import. For that reason off-site construction methods was suitable for them.

Bamako is changing fast and growing exponantially. The municipality rules are rapidly changing. So after a short period of time when the conditions change there should be a way to adapt that without demolish the building to the ground.

The solution to these diffrent problems would be through construction method. We know what-to-built we need to discuss how-to-built.

Besides the preliminery conditions mentioned above, fast construction, easy to erract the building, clean manufacture, low carbon emissions and safety issues, decided with all actors to use volumetric, off-site light steel modular construction. All volumes are produced as designed and fully completed such as including façade cladding and interior materials (bathroom, cabinets, kitchen utensils, armatures, etc.). Ready-to-use construction modules are packed at the factory, and transferred to the site by tuck, vessel or aircraft. This also allows us to cost-control via manufacturing processes

The location of the design has challenging climate conditions. All elements concidered for decreasing the effects and the adopt to this conditions to keep spaces cool down to confartable, tolerable ranges of wide heat scale. Conditions shaped the building,

o Building Orientation: Carefully studied to protect from western and north sun.
o Building Shaping: created open, semi-open spaces, inner gardens, a grande court-yard.
o Louvre Shades : to cover nearly all gardens because of long hours of vertical sun light.
o Plants are important to keep the air mousturise and create shade.

o Small façade openings: To protect sun light and speed the air up
o Opening combinations: same goal, speed it up.
o Shaded vs sunny side: to create tension between hot and cool/shaded areas to move the air naturally.
o Wind corridors: to benefit of moving air’s cooling effect.

o For outdoor use: Climates advanteges is the living outside except peak hours of the day.
o Protected façades: important to keep indoor cool. And graded spaces.
o Shading variations: to prevent different affects of the stong sunlight.

The ground floor occupied by retail, restaurant, carparking (at least 1 parking lot per residential unit) , technical and service, entrance functions. This alowed us to levelled up residency from street level. Ground floors façades are dedicated to retail on the edge of the main 3 streets. Arcaded entrances protect pedestrians from sunlight, and shade to shops. The Entrans to the residence is at the back of the building, facing a calm street. Public space in front of Ave de la Nation building façade gives perspective to the main axis by this move. Sharaton axis getting stonger.
Top of this pedestal, residential units are placed through the exterior facade to create the wide courtyard required by the climate. Housing units were opened to create wind corridors in accordance with the main wind direction to increase natural ventilation. This openings will help to catch the wind and speed it up.
There are 2 storey 3+1 units with private terraces and a 4 storey apartment contains 2+1 units with balconies. Apartment blok is set on the west edge of the courtyard because the height of the building’s shade is covering the courtyard for much more hour.

• 10 shops, 130-100
• 1 restaurant 450
• 16 residential units
• 12 type1 unit / 280
• 4 type 2 unit / 158
• 34 parking lot
• Courtyard
• Total area: 11.200


Groundfloor is designed to built on site with concreet and heavy steel composed technic.
Residenses are composed by different building modules. The design let the construction will be completed up to %85 at the factory, in another country. For this reason modules has exact mesaurements to carry with truck at least. The modules will transfer to with trucks from deport point and montage one by one. There will be minimum work load, nothing but the montage workers.
Wooden shades will implement at the end of this phase.

• Decrease the embodied Carbon by decrase usage of materials.
• Energy efficient to managing period.
• Embedded climate control systems by design
• Up to %20 energy-efficency compare to avarage buildings
• Decrease waste in the production period.

The project design is based on modular off-site construction technic. Ground floor will be constructud in steel, on-site. The housing units transport to site full furnished.


Data & Figures

Location Bamako, Senegal
Year 2020
Total Area 11.200 m²
Functions Commercial Areas & Living Spaces